“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.”
― Pina Bausch

I am very open to life. I am also  very intuitive in reading people. I use these skills to develop ideas  in dance.  I am eager to experiment and continue my creative journey through dance.

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My 10 years in a company have taught me invaluable skills. Patience, diligence, team-building, and a positive attitude have helped me to become the leader I am today. 

Katrin Roach

About me

More than anything, my passion is dance.  I have devoted countless hours to an art form that feeds my creative energy. I feel like I am my true self when I dance.

I am currently a freshman at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance (contemporary major).  I graduated high school from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2016.

Contemporary Dancer

Creating movement comes naturally to me . I like the challenge of developing an idea through movement. I hope to build my choreography and start my own company some day.


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